Thank you so much for your interest in me!

I am Ines Gadermaier, a young female analog photographer from Vienna. My path into photography started with an analog camera I was gifted. Until this day, analog photography brings me more joy than anything. Ever since, I have the habit of taking analog pictures during my daily life, which I then sell as prints. The photos are printed on paper in Vienna by a local print shop. Besides selling prints, I put my energy into photographing creative projects. This is and has always been an honest one-woman-business in which I pour all my heart!

Apart from my photography approach to art, I study art history. The background of art, its history, its many many artists have always inspired me. Through art history I am setting my photographer-self new goals every day.

If you have any questions or just would like to get in touch, just text me over e-mail or instagram!