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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Print Shop

On what does the size of a print depend?

It depends on the dimensions of the photo. When a photo has a 2:3 ratio, it is best for a 20x30cm print. When a photo has a 3:4 ratio, it is best for a 30x40cm print – and so on. I do cut a few photos various ways in order to offer various print sizes. You can see the variations when you click on a photo print in my Online Shop!

On which paper do you print your photos?

I normally choose 200g paper that is a bit glossy. If you wish for a specific paper, please contact me via e-mail!

Does the print come with a frame?

No, I don’t sell frames.

Who profits from the purchases?

The financial profits go directly to me, Ines Gadermaier. Of course, I pay the printers and the bank transfer with that money. The rest of the money is used for buying new film, developing liquids, for my many electrical devices etc. Apart from that it is compensation for my work effort and paying my living!

How do you ensure sustainability?

Film photography is not very environmentally-friendly so I use as little chemicals as possible and recycle them properly after usage. As I am very keen on the environment, I only print my photos on demand in order to not waste any resources. The photos are sent in a roll made out of cardboard.

Where do you print your photos?

They are all printed in a small local lab in Vienna.


Covid-19 Measures

In order to ensure maximum safety at a photoshooting, every person on set gets tested beforehand. On set I will wear a FFP-2-mask and will ask every person that is not in front of the lense to also wear one. I also always have desinfectant on me if needed.

Who will be present during the photoshooting?

First and foremost it will be you – my client(s) – and me. Depending on who is photographed, we will eventually have models on set. When I bring an assistant, I will let you know before the shooting!

On what does the prize of a shooting depend?

Mostly it depends on how much work needs to be done in preparation, how many hours we need during the shooting, and how much effort the editing requires! The prize does also vary if the photos are used for commercial replications.

What do I need to prepare?

We will discuss every detail concerning your ideas and what you bring to the set together before the shooting!

Do I get the photos in print or as digital files?

Normally, I send the photos digitally via WeTransfer, where you can download them for 7 days. If you want your photos as prints, we can arrange that! Just tell me about your wishes beforehand.

How does a shooting process work?

Usually, I will get together with you, on- or offline, to discuss your ideas and wishes. We will agree on what is needed (equipment, model(s), accessoires) and set a date and time. After that I will prepare everything. Next, we will take the photos and normally about a week later, I will send you the edited outcomes!

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